Agile Workshops and Coaching

Lots of people teach agile, we help teams experience agility.

Our tailored sessions allow for teams to walk away with tangible next steps that they can immediately start applying to their work. Our workshops are targeted engagements with specific success criteria that we achieve within a short timeframe, while our coaching engagements may be more long term as we navigate obstacles alongside you.

Agile Workshops

Agile Workshops give teams the collaboration tools, mental models, hands-on experience and confidence to break with past habits and start or accelerate their move to agility. Our workshops are customized to your needs and context, whether starting out, stretching to reach the next level, or helping business leaders expand and enhance an emerging culture of agility. We start with an initial evaluation of your success criteria, ensure our workshop catalog will meet that need and make specific adjustments to our content to best fit your company. Our workshops are set-up to meet a specific need in a time-boxed session so that your teams can take what they’ve learned and start using it immediately.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching guides teams and leadership through specific impediments to organizational agility. Our coaches are also practitioners, we come from experiences in applying agile in complex organizations. We don’t rely solely on certifications to credit our abilities we rely on our experiences and eat our own dogfood by already applying what we advise in the real world. After helping hundreds of teams in dozens of organizations, we can help you find the path to resolve today’s issues and leave you with the tools to handle tomorrow’s. We love our clients but don’t plan to bill them forever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many teams can attend an Agile Workshop?

This will vary depending on the size and needs of the teams. As a general rule, for new teams, two is usually best. For established teams, it could be as high as four if their needs and work are similar. We like to target our workshops to the situation, so let’s talk and figure out the best solution together.

What are some of the workshops you’ve offered in the past?

  • Agile Health Assessments - A structured approach your teams can use to regularly self-assess and target key areas to improve
  • Level-set or Reset - Your group has gone to training and knows the basics but you are have been operating for a while and could use a refresher on Agile Principles that are key to working together cohesively.
  • Working agreements - As teams form, this session helps teams understand how to best work with one another.
  • Work policies/Definition of Done & Ready - Defining a common understanding of when work begins and ends helps teams work better with stakeholders and drive finished products to customers
  • Agile metrics - Find the right metrics for your teams and help them understand their value
  • Retrospectives - Avoid the mundane and understand which retrospectives are best for which situations

How do I know if my company needs an agile coach?

Our clients vary at where they are in their agile journey. If your company isn’t sure how to get started or if you are ready for the next level but not clear on how to get there, we can help. As agile coaches, we have the responsibility of guiding and transferring our knowledge to the teams we work with. Our goal is to walk away from the engagement knowing our clients can continue their success with the additional guidelines, skills and knowledge we’ve shared. We play a role of encouraging and guiding teams through the process of implementation and lead them throughout the entire agile process equipping them with the correct mindset, knowledge of the processes, tools used in agile and proper guidance for a better outcome of desired products.