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Agile 101

Find your footing

with what it means to be agile and how the values and principles are foundational to applying key frameworks to your work.

Schedule 2-day workshop:

  • Agile values and principles
  • Key frameworks  (Kanban, Scrum, XP, etc.)
  • Roles and responsibilities necessary for teams to succeed 


This is a fun simulation

workshop where we apply the following the elements of scrum to a product.

Schedule 1-day workshop:

  • Scrum Overview
  • Product Backlog
  • Backlog Grooming
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Definition of Done


This is a fun simulation

workshop where we apply the following the elements of Kanban to a product.

Schedule 1-day workshop:

  • History of Kanban
  • Kanban foundational principles
  • Kanban core practices
  • Kanban proven practices
  • Task breakdown
  • Myths and Tall Tales
  • Comparing Frameworks

Agile Health Assessment

Train your agile leaders

to facilitate agile health assessments for teams to regularly assess their goals and realign.

  • Timing of this session can vary

Define Your Framework

This is a more tailored session

to help a company that has gone through training on a number of frameworks define which framework to apply to certain departments or overall.


  • Timing of this session can vary based on company size/need.

Vertical Stories

User stories are a basic tool

of Agile, but are useless if used in the wrong way. In this workshop, we’ll cover the following topics with engaging exercises.

Schedule 1/2 day workshop:

  • User story fundamentals
  • Vertical user stories
  • Story writing workshop
  • Swarming

User Story Mapping

This will be an effective

overview of Jeff Patton’s book “User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product”. This give companies a tool toquickly move from ideation to implementation on products that cross many teams.

Schedule 1/2 day workshop:

  • Real examples
  • Application to your company
  • Timing for this strategy

Big Room Planning

This is an active workshop:

that allows for teams to come together at the inception of a product and define its dependencies, initial MVP, and future vision.

Schedule 1/2 day workshop

Scaled Agile

Tailored solutions

We will help you define a plan for scaling and help you train key leaders that will drive implementation of it.


  • Timing of this session can vary

Custom Agile Metrics 

Measure your teams'

progress by applying agile metrics to your daily routine.

Schedule 1 day workshop

Holistic Strategies

Testing, retrospective, coaching strategies 

to apply company wide at your organization.

Schedule 1 day workshop

Liberating Structures

Build an organization that

everybody wants to work in. LS are designed to include everyone in shaping next steps, this creates psychological safety and an environment of inclusion and engagement.

Schedule 1/2 day workshop

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