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Scale up with BDD Kickstart

We offer Cucumber's official BDD Kickstart. A great way for the whole team to learn the collaborative practices used in BDD.

Personal Attention

We offer hands-on coaching from Cucumber certified BDD trainers and coaches.

TDD Immersion

Our unique TDD Immersion class is a fun way for developers to overcome the awkwardness of test first development and build a strong habit of effective TDD.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BDD

BDD is a collaborative activity for product owners, developers and testers where we begin our work by agreeing upon an acceptance test first.

What is TDD

TDD is an development practice where programmers write a low level system test (unit test) before writing new code.

How are TDD & BDD different

BDD is for acceptance tests (sometimes called functional tests). TDD is for unit tests.

Do BDD and TDD work well together?

Yes they do! They work better together.

Does my team have to be agile to use TDD or BDD?

No they do not. TDD and BDD are both useful practices for any team.

What is test-first development?

Test-first development is simply the mentality behind BDD and TDD. It means that before we do any work we figure out how to test it first.

What is Gherkin?

Gherkin is a structured way of writing acceptance criteria such that it is easy to connect to automated tests. It was made popular by Cucumber.

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is free software that helps test-automators connect acceptance tests (in Gherkin) to automated tests.

What is Given, When, Then?

These are keywords used in Gherkin. A popular way of writing acceptance criteria.

How do I get started with BDD on my team?

Schedule a BDD Kickstart with us for 10-29 people. We'll come out and teach your team everything they need to know about BDD, including test automation with Cucumber.

How do I get my developers to adopt TDD?

Schedule our TDD Immersion for 10-20 of your developers. They'll come away with a strong TDD habit. Plus it's fun!

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